Elmeridge supply a full range of cables suitable for continuous operation at high temperatures.

Our product range includes Silicone, SIFGL, FEP, ECTFE, ETFE, PFA, MFA, PTFE, Ceramic Fibres, and Mineral Insulated, covering a temperature range of 180°C to a maximum of 1200°C.

We also supply Thermocouple grade Types K, J and E, as well as Thermocouple Extension Cables, which include the above types, plus Types S, R and B.

See below for our table of International Colour Codes for Thermocouple Cable Insulation:


Furnaces & Foundries

Nuclear Energy

Temperature Probes & Sensors



Offshore Oil & Gas Rigs

Petrochemical Plants

x Denotes not available in those countries
* Compensating Cable for Type K

T/C Type Cable Code Conductor + Conductor – T/C Junction Continuous Temp. Range °C International
IEC 584-3:989
BS 4937Pt 30-1993
Former British
BS 1843:1952
French to
German to
DIN 43714
Japanese to
JIS C 1610-1981
American to
ANSI MC 96.1
Sheath + Sheath + Sheath + Sheath + Sheath + Sheath +
K KX Ni-Cr Ni-Ai 0 to +1100
J JX Fe Cu-Ni +20 to +700
T TX Cu Cu-Ni -185 to +300
N NX/NC Ni-Cr-Si Ni-Si-Mg 0 to +1300 x x x x x x x x x
E EX Ni-Cr Cu-Ni 0 to +800
B BX PT-30Rh PT-6Rh 0 to +1800 x x x
R RCA PT-13Rh Pt 0 to +1600
S SCA PT-10Rh Pt 0 to +1550
VX KCB Cu Cu-Ni 0 to +80 *

Our team have produced cables across many different industries and applications. Our cables are grouped by sector, rather than type or range. Click or tap on the sector title to read more:

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