Elmeridge® operate and excel in the high temp and thermocouple sector.

Elmeridge® supply a full range of cables suitable for continuous operation at high temperatures.

Our product range includes Silicone, SIFGL, FEP, ECTFE, ETFE, PFA, MFA, PTFE, Ceramic Fibres, and Mineral Insulated, covering a temperature range of 180°C to a maximum of 1200°C.

We also supply Thermocouple grade Types K, J and E, as well as Thermocouple Extension Cables, which include the above types, plus Types S, R and B.

See below for our table of International Colour Codes for Thermocouple Cable Insulation:


Furnaces & Foundries

Nuclear Energy

Temperature Probes & Sensors



Offshore Oil & Gas Rigs

Petrochemical Plants

x Denotes not available in those countries
* Compensating Cable for Type K

T/C Type Cable Code Conductor + Conductor – T/C Junction Continuous Temp. Range °C International
IEC 584-3:989
BS 4937Pt 30-1993
Former British
BS 1843:1952
French to
German to
DIN 43714
Japanese to
JIS C 1610-1981
American to
ANSI MC 96.1
Sheath + Sheath + Sheath + Sheath + Sheath + Sheath +
K KX Ni-Cr Ni-Ai 0 to +1100
J JX Fe Cu-Ni +20 to +700
T TX Cu Cu-Ni -185 to +300
N NX/NC Ni-Cr-Si Ni-Si-Mg 0 to +1300 x x x x x x x x x
E EX Ni-Cr Cu-Ni 0 to +800
B BX PT-30Rh PT-6Rh 0 to +1800 x x x
R RCA PT-13Rh Pt 0 to +1600
S SCA PT-10Rh Pt 0 to +1550
VX KCB Cu Cu-Ni 0 to +80 *

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