Our HV cables range from 45kV to 500kV

Elmeridge Cables Limited have been leaders in the production and distribution of custom-made cables since 1987, supplying a range of High Voltage (HV) cables.

Elmeridge have a history of working in HV cables, going back to 1987 when the company were working with Ericsson Power Cables of Sweden.

The production of cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) within HV cables goes as far back as the late 1960s. The use of XLPE changed the HV world forever and saw the decline of HV fluid impregnated multi-layered paper dielectric cables, as XLPE cables were cleaner, more cost effective and required little, if any, maintenance once installed.

When a cable is laid in the ground, the insulation becomes of paramount importance. The currents natural inclination is to return to earth. So, the conductor must be well insulated, XLPE does this exceptionally well.

XLPE also has very good thermal properties, owing to the cross-linking process, and therefore is a very heat resistant material. It cannot melt like Polyethylene (PE) but decomposes and carbonizes if exposed for long periods to temperatures above 300°C.

The permissible conductor temperature at a short-circuit current for one second is 250°C at a continuous load. Conductors with XLPE insulation may have a temperature of 90°C. These temperatures are specified in the international standards.

XLPE, like PE, retains its low temperature flexibility down to -40°C, which has great advantages for the laying of the cables.

Some advantages of using XLPE in the ground are:
Easy installation
High degree of reliability
Low electrical losses
Very low environmental impact

Our 123KV Cables XLPE insulated cross sections start from:

Our 132KV Cables XLPE insulated start from 300mm² going through to 1200mm².

Both voltages can be produced in copper or aluminium conductors.

Insulation screen can be strippable or firmly bonded to the insulation, Elmeridge recommend bonded insulation at all times for submarine cables.

Metallic screen consists of copper wires laid around the cable body with or without counter helix, or longitudinally.

The screen can also consist of copper tapes or copper wires embedded in the conductor material.

Water sealing can be made with a metal-PE laminate. Longitudinal water sealing can be made with a swelling tape applied under the screen.

Armouring can be made with steel wire, giving both a good mechanical protection as well as protection against pulling forces if needed. For submarine cables steel tape armouring can be provided if required.

Outer sheaths used are:
High Density Polyethylene (HD-PE)
Low Density Polyethylene (LD-PE)
Medium Density Polyethylene (MD-PE)
Polyethylene (PE)
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

The outer sheath colour can be specified by the customer, usually Black, Red, Blue, Yellow or Green. Any other colours are available on request.

Rest assured we know the HV cable market. Elmeridge produced their first 123kV and 132kV cables in 1994 and since then the team have continued to produce these throughout the decades.

As you would expect from a specialist cable supplier, Elmeridge can produce cables to a customers’ specifications and requirements.

110kV HV Single Core Cable
Cross section of our 110kV HV Single Core Cable
Subsea Cable