Elmeridge® are leaders in the marine and offshore cable market.

Our expertise and technical knowledge have produced outstanding products, from simple cables right through to the most complex and demanding specifications.

Fast-moving stock items include our Marine Cat5e cable in high-vis yellow polyurethane, and our Diver’s Communications cable made with two individually screened twisted pairs, and a 500kg aramidic braid for strain relief.

We are producing tow cables with up to five layers of steel wire armour (also incorporating bladed or ‘hairy’ fairings), as well as subsea umbilicals.

Our CPT (Cone Penetration Testing) coaxial cables are used extensively throughout this sector, samples are available.

In edition, our CTD (Conductivity, Temperature & Depth) data-logging cables, with double layers of GIPS (Galvanized Imporoved Plow Steel) wire armour, can be produced in continuous lengths of up to and including 10Km, as supplied to the Royal Research Survey vessel, RRS Sir David Attenborough.

Here are just a few examples of our Marine and Offshore cables:

Ships Communication and Power Cable
Marine Fiber Optic Cable
Ships Multipair Cable



ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)

Tethers up to 40 ton including aramidic/Kevlar yarn braids or GIPS (Galvanized Improved Plow Steel)/Nitronic 50 wire armour for towing/load bearing strength

Deep Trenching

Deep Sea Mining (3.5KV, 4.5KV, 6KV)

Umbilicals with Hydraulic Hoses and Fibreoptics

Sidescan Sonar

Cameras & Lighting

CPT (Cone Penetration Testing)

CTD (Conductivity, Temperature & Depth)

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