Titan ROV Cable


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Composite instrumentation/control cable for use with remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs) in the offshore industry, with 1 x 75 ohm coax + 2 x 2.00mm2 conductors + 2 x individually screened twisted pairs, with a 250kg breaking strain and bouyant outer sheath


1 x 75 ohm coax:
Stranded tinned copper conductor
Foamed polyolefin insulation
Tinned copper braid overall screen
Polyethylene sheath
2 x 2.00mm2:
Stranded aluminium alloy conductors
Polyethylene insulation
2 x 2 x 24AWG twisted pairs:
Stranded tinned copper conductors
Polyethylene insulation
Conductors twisted into pairs
Pairs individually screened with aluminium/polyester tape and tinned copper drain wire
Above elements laid up together with a central polyethylene-covered aramidic (Kevlar) strength member
Protective non-woven tape
Foamed thermoplastic rubber inner sheath
Thermoplastic rubber outer sheath