Elmtronic 38-Ton Tow Cable


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Special underwater tow cable with 38-ton breaking strain 2 x 50 ohm coaxials + 2 x 6.00mm2 conductors + 4 pairs of 24AWG with aluminium foil screen, and 3 layers of torque-balanced, contra-helical, special steel wire armour with 38-ton breaking strain. The special armour wire gives a combination of corrosion resistance and strength not found in any other commercial material available in it’s price range. This austenitic stainless steel has corrosion resistance greater than that provided by Types 316, 316L, 317 and 317L, plus approximately twice the yield strength at room temperatures. In addition, this stainless steel has very good mechanical properties at both elevated and sub-zero temperatures. Unlike many austenitic stainless steels, it does not become magnetic when cold worked or cooled to sub-zero temperatures. This high strength stainless steel has a yield strength about three to four times that of Type 316 stainless steel It is an effective alloy for the petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, fertilizer, nuclear fuel recycling, pulp and paper, textile, food processing and marine industries.


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