Part number:

NTSCGECWOEU (TENAX-H and TENAX-HP), in acc. with DIN VDE 0250, part 813


For the connection of electrical equipment, in mines and underground excavations with auxiliary ventilation under particularly high loads, ie. high voltage transformers on power lines in underground mining and tunneling. The flexibility of the cable allows operating equipment to be moved while running. The phase-concentric earth conductor and the common-centric monitoring shield, in conjunction with a high voltage protection circuit, make it possible to monitor the cable for insulation faults and damage resulting from extrernal influences.


Fine stranded conductors of tinned copper with a conductive rubber layer, with heat resistant 3GI3 rubber compound insulation, with further outer conductive rubber layer.

Earth conductor as a spiral of tinned copper wires in a flexible design, with coloured 3GI3 EPR insulation.

Cores laid up with control cores laid in the outer interstices, with polyester tape wrapping, inner sheath of GM1b rubber compound of high mechanical strength, a monitoring shield of conductive rubberized textile tape and spiral of copper and steel wires, and outer sheath of red, abrasion and notch resistant, oil resistant and flame reatrdant 5GM5 polycloroprene compound.

Rated voltage Uo/U 3.5/6kV or 6/10kV