Part number:

NSSHOEU, in acc. with DIN VDE 0250, part 812


For the connection of mobile equipment and machines under very high mechanical loads in dry and damp areas, outdoors and inexplosion hazardous areas, particularly in mining and in quarries and building sites. NSSHOEU cables can be used for fixed connections, ie. in temporary constructions or in conveyor systems and machinery.


Fine stranded conductors of tinned copper wire, heat-resistant 3GI3 rubber compound, earth conductor distributed as a spiral of tinned copper wires over conductor insulation. Conductors twisted with optional control cores within the interstices.
Laid up with polyester tape, inner sheath of GM1b rubber compound, outer sheath of yellow, abrasion proof, oil resistant and flame retardant 5GM5 polychloroprene.
Rated voltage Uo/U 0.6/1KV