Armouring & Over Sheathing

Braiding or Armouring

These are all added options for placing additional mechanical strengths to an existing cable. Mechanical protection can be provided by adding either a flexible galvanised steel wire braid or for more strength, a steel wire armour. Protection from electrical interference can be achieved by adding a metallic screen, such as a tinned copper braid or an aluminium/polyester foil.


This is available through over-sheathing and can provide additional environmental protection and UV stability. For outdoor use, cables can be over sheathed with weather-resistant materials such as Hytrel (TPC-ET), Polyethylene (PE) and Polyurethane (PUR) making them suitable for use in pipes, underwater, and harsh environments. The colour changes are optional and extensive.

Over Sheathing

This involves extruding a new sheath over an existing outer sheath. The key is to provide the right jacket for the working environment thus ensuring a long product life, and preventing adverse damage.